Thursday, April 30, 2009

Forget the Swine Flu - Spring Fever is all around.

All I've been seeing lately are nutty kids running the streets of Burbank all jacked up on Spring - at least we hope that is all they are on. They prance about - some holding hands, others jumping trash cans or having shopping cart races down the street. As their collective nuttiness rises, so too does the anxiety/stress levels of Police officers, store owners, and Teachers all across the land. I can see it first hand in the lead female here at home  - she is a Teacher. Her class was bad enough this past year before the kids contracted Spring Fever - now they are practically unbearable. Unfortunately, it sounds as if these kid's parents only view school as baby-sitting  so are unconcerned when their kids act up. Many did not even attend the school's open house night. This all makes for interesting theatre when she comes home and vents to the big goofball. It's about the only time I ever feel sorry for him. Thankfully, I'm sent outside. Our own kids are affected by this Spring Fever as well but the antidote of limiting freedom as crazy levels rise is still an effective treatment. I sure hope Summer arrives soon!

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