Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a day...

Spent the whole day outside because earlier this morning I had a stomach ache and accidentally went to the bathroom on the floor.  I guess I should have taken it easy with all the Cereal and box material. Anyway, I couldn't help it - tried to go outside but that lousy teenager ignored me every time I tried to get his attention. I think he was spellbound from some kind of mind controlling video device - he didn't even look up as I was whimpering to go out. None of this sat well with the big dimwit who read the kid the riot act after returning home from running errands to find my sickness all over the living room. 

Another reason I spent the day outdoors is that the big doofus has been playing super-painter the past few days - to appease his wife. It's refreshing to see him use his hands for something other that scratching himself. I'm not sure what the paint color looks like because we dogs only see a few colors of the spectrum. All the rooms he painted look palish yellow to me - not sure what that equates to for you humans. Anyway, I brushed up against some of his paint yesterday - giving myself a racing stripe. He wasn't a fan of that either so I would have spent my day outside anyway. You know I think I'm running faster with this stripe! I've also been getting compliments from those green parrots who've been whistling down from the power lines. Ok, I better get going - I hear the big guy is making me rice to settle my stomach. I don't want to miss out on that.


  1. Oh Haley, humans generally take poorly to indoor pooping. I know that the living room rug is the most grass-like surface in the house, but trust me, it's some weird space aged material, like Olefin or some other Swedish sounding word.

    I'd love to see a photo of your new stripe. I'll bet it's totally badass looking, all edgy and punk mohawkish! Grrrrr!

  2. a racing stripe, coooool! next get a bunch of advertising stickers and roll around in them and youll look like a race car.

    once knew a pup who lived with a teenager who desperately wanted the pup to sleep in his room overnight so he shut the door. next morning the teenager woke up there was pup pee everywhere